NANOPACK Multilayer plastic films stand out because they improve the presentation of sliced products, enhancing their visual features such as color and brightness. They are extremely machine-friendly, and have great non-stick (anti-static) capacity, making them ideal for all fresh and frozen products.

Infuse and flavour any plain Gin with our Te-Tonic Nano Packs and create unique and exclusive Gin & Tonics and Cocktails. Become your own mixologist! With a short blending time, Te-Tonic infusers are the key to create a cocktail full of flavours and aromas. We use a range of organic botanicals and different flavour combinations so you can create a wide variety of flavours in one pack. Simply ....

NanoPack, formed in 2004, is a materials science company develops cost-effective and environmentally friendly barrier materials for the packaging industry. Our products assist with.




Launched in 2017, the NanoPack project was set-up to develop a higher quality of packaging that both enhances food safety and reduces product waste. NS Packaging’s. www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov.

Díky jedinečnému designu je H-ENERGY 300 skutečným spořičem místa: snadno se skladuje, dokonce i ve skříni. Systém Nanopack™ umožňuje hadici, teleskopickou trubici a hubici úhledně uložit na výrobku a poskytuje tím superkompaktní rozměry pouhých 58 cm.

NanoPack® delivers sulfur, copper, iron, manganese, and zinc through Aqua-Yield® nanoliquid technology. NanoPack® brings critical micronutrients to plants when soil levels are low. When.